Public Relations is about creating relationships and translates into relationship management, creating goodwill and building trust between our clients and it’s public. Our PR division specializes…

Life is an ongoing event and every client requires ongoing activities in forms of seminars, press conferences, launch events etc which Paramin has organized, arranged and managed very well for 33 years now…

The wonder of  ground activation and face to face communication can be witnessed with the power of BTL (below the line activities). Paramin believes in connecting the client directly with the …

Paramin specializes in buying and selling media, be it print, electronic, radio, outdoor, also we are INS certified and therefore have the capacity to provide best rates in the industry to our clients…

We believe in bringing your brand to life by making television commercials which are inspired by life and depict the utilization, band positioning of the product for the target audiences…

In today’s fragmented media world the competition is harder and due to high amount of clutter, it is rather important for every brand to carve its niche. Paramin takes a holistic communications …

Paramin created exclusive and absolutely new communication ammo to win the marketing warfare known as the whisper campaign. The aforesaid campaign showcased the power of internal communication…

The new age of Digital communication has revolutionized the world and Paramin Advertising understands this need of the hour well. We have an in-house team of digital experts creating specialized….

The new avtar of outdoor media is OOH (out of home).We don’t restrict this medium to hoardings alone, we stretch it to any surface that can communicate effectively to our target audience….


Wide and varied is our portfolio. Banking to cause marketing; techno selling to influencing
the influencers, our clientele consists of products and services from all sectors

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Experience with expertise matters. We use experience as a learning process to hone our communication skills.


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Our enlightened and esteemed clients,as regular interaction with them improves our know-how by providing us opportunities to experiment and implement new ideas.

Bank of Maharashtra
Indian Oil Corporation
Punjab And  Sind Bank
IIM Trichy